Art Glass


These are small pieces of abstract wearable art, based on the colours and light found underwater around the world. They are designed to create a sensation or feeling of an underwater world and are created with layers of different glass, reactions, inclusions, multiple fusings and lapidary grinding to build up the 3D effect. I am inspired to make these little worlds because of my love of water, having spent time diving/snorkeling in my life, I wanted to make something to represent the worlds I saw and the peace and calm I experienced.

Reef Abstracts

These are pieces which are an abstract representation of the colours and light you might find in Coral Reefs around the world.

Scale Jewellery

A fantasy concept representing Dragon or Mermaid scales turned into jewellery.


Pieces based on the light and colours associated with various themes.


     'Enchanted Forest'

'Very Peri' - Periwinkle



Colour Drops

Created to give a pop of true colour for however you're feeling!

        Turquoise Pearl  

Peridot Gold

Sapphire Blossom

Ruby Gold